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Torrent tracker Ahashare is specializing in video torrents. The Indian based torrent site Ahashare provides DVD Rips and TV episodes.
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Ahashare is not down
Comments on Ahashare
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Jack wrote 74 months ago
Pros: Tons of seeded scene releases. Cons: Re-labeling of said releases.
TheFalcon007 wrote 66 months ago
It's a public tracker-one of the biggest open community in p2p world now.No spam/;virus/fake unlike some sites.

Some users claiming "Tons of seeded scene releases" and "Re-labeling of said releases" are not true.

All respected release teams are there and as a p2p users users should respect their releases and also the site which hosts them !!
pardeep wrote 63 months ago
Very Good Site
ted wrote 60 months ago
good shite
boom wrote 53 months ago
very good site but very slow
Dannis wrote 50 months ago
no fake torrent in ahashare ,very good
Masoom Ajnabi wrote 49 months ago
i like you
LoneRanger wrote 48 months ago
I agree with TheFalcon007. As a long time member of ahashare, I can honestly say that I never once downloaded a fake file or anything that contained a virus/trojan/worm of any kind.
For example, you will never have to worry about downloading a password protected movie that asks you install some sort of Corel player! Every member of this site has the well earned respect for their uploads and for each other. It doesn't get any better than Ahashare....
zlikestoski wrote 47 months ago
I have been trying to download some movies, and they are in my torrent list. After 2 hours nothing?? Does anyone know why?
niccole wrote 47 months ago
today ahashare not in progress
topito wrote 31 months ago
no fake torrents, nice community! if your being blocked try Proxywebsites then ahashare.com that does it. or search for ahashare proxy.
Dennis Kellu wrote 31 months ago
Ahashare is down. 30/06/13
shagar rana wrote 30 months ago
i like very very much ahashare.com
david wrote 30 months ago
ashara is down i keep getting 404 result every time i go on the site
zdzd wrote 30 months ago
hey !! fast download !! and best quality !! and much more
try rhity.com
gin wrote 27 months ago
best movie torrents!
Gm wrote 27 months ago
i am getting an error
Mario wrote 27 months ago
I cannot get past the movie title list. When I click on a title it won't open. Any ideas ? PLEASE
ZZ wrote 27 months ago
for those who got banned:
DJ wrote 27 months ago
I used to be able to connect to site, but now I keep getting page not found, can anyone help me
straker wrote 26 months ago
thank you keep up the good work!!
frankie dandridge smales wrote 25 months ago
this is typical Hollywood has finally got what they wanted
by putting the end of something for nothing culture by
asking governments and broadband servers to block
pirated sites other than youtube where you can get the material from until they regulated and control them
sky broadband already has blocked nearly all download
sites apart for ones you have to subscribe and pay for just

Frankie Dandridge smales

ahashare unblocker wrote 24 months ago
use kickass.to/user/ahashare/‎
or http://ahashare.unlocktorrent.com/
to unblock ahashare
kiungo wrote 24 months ago
blocked in india
manu wrote 22 months ago
monu wrote 22 months ago
monu wrote 22 months ago
Mohammed wrote 21 months ago
Very gud but .....new n latest movies not coming ©™
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