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CinemaTorrents (down)

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CinemaTorrents (down)
CinemaTorrents lists movies by using imdb ranking, plot descriptions, genres, dvd covers, etc. Cinematorrents is down and seem to stay offline. Find Cinematorrents alternatives under movie torrent sites.
CinemaTorrents (down)
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2 / 5
1 votes cast
CinemaTorrents (down) is not down
Comments on CinemaTorrents (down)
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JB Solange - Movie Blog wrote 66 months ago
Seems pretty useful. I usually look on IMDB first, then find my torrents. Using this CinemaTorrents I could do it all in one place I guess. But they've gotta get rid of the repeats. How many times can Avatar be listed? Pretty good idea though. I'll be using it when I don't know what to download.
John Stroman wrote 65 months ago
New design up with a ton of new features!
John Stroman wrote 55 months ago
More features added.
joanna wrote 54 months ago
Kalm wrote 53 months ago
Awesome movie site!
Fahhid wrote 53 months ago
Wow.. love this site. nice features
klauws chrys wrote 53 months ago
cine e amabil sa ma invite si pe mine

Neil wrote 52 months ago
Glad i found a brilliant movie site nice layout fab
stelubonghene@yahoo.com wrote 52 months ago
salut, as dori si eu un cont pe filelist...!!!
arshad wrote 51 months ago
Nikos wrote 50 months ago
very nice !!!!
crauss wrote 49 months ago
cum se dau invitatiile?
kumud wrote 48 months ago
what happening in this side
geo wrote 45 months ago
cum as putea downloada un film de pe filelist
Kumud wrote 44 months ago
this side is hacking
เอกครับ wrote 39 months ago
astral.keenan wrote 38 months ago
Great site, Guys and Gals, I'm Hooked and impressed. If you need staff members contact me. I have plenty of experience. I am not the law. Just a pirate.

DQ1 wrote 34 months ago
home of 26k MATiNE legIon


quick get in now
bungcee wrote 31 months ago
how 2 use dis..
grezelda wrote 30 months ago
Awesome site
Shahuul wrote 17 months ago
this site is more enthusiatically than others
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