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Private HD movie torrent site. Scene releases seeded at 100Mbit up to 1Gbit. Signup with invite only. Alternative URL: torrentday.me
Torrent Site
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3 / 5
456 votes cast
Torrentday is not down
Comments on Torrentday
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Yer wrote 62 months ago
Awesome site. prereleases all the time, great quality torrents
Daniel wrote 48 months ago
Pathetic. They want $12 to let me join and there are no comments here? Obviously a shitty site that isn't worth the time of day...
bbb wrote 29 months ago
Aww, poor Daniel. I've been a member of TD since it was free and it's a great site. No wonder they needed to start charging.
Afnan wrote 25 months ago
i was member of TD when it was free. now, they kick me out and wants me to pay for it!!
well, there are a lot of free sites that can give me what i want to watch we are in 2014 now
kaneman wrote 25 months ago
TD is hands down the best safest site around for files, All scene all prerelease... sorry to hear you idiots got kicked off (prolly for not sharing) and now gotta pay. If you are not a non-sharing wanker, try and get an invite..hey I just downloaded the hobbit in less than 2min while posting here. If you make it over to TD just keep your share ratio up and you'll never need another site or get warnings from your provider either..I'm out
jason wrote 25 months ago
worth the Money I have been a member since the beginning when It was 1000 members and free they still do free enrollment atleast once a year
Chad wrote 24 months ago
I have been a member for four years, since it was free as well.
I get faster DL's at TorrentDay with 50 members sharing than public torrents with 10,000. My internet connection is usually maxed out.
TD is by far the best torrent site I have ever seen.
(kicked out people, keep your ratio high, that is what makes the site good)
vg wrote 24 months ago
gives a 500 error
Jo wrote 24 months ago
by sharing do you mean seeding?? i am looking into donating to join and want to know how to ensure i keep `my account
gary wrote 24 months ago
would love to join will have to wait till free membership is out anyone no when
Wayneo wrote 23 months ago
torrentday kicks arse and if you have a ratio cheat then you dont have to worry bout getting kicked off lol
Mike wrote 23 months ago
TD has always been a one of the best torrent sites with a large user base and always has something for everyone. I've been with them over four years and never had a problem with them. My download speed is max out 99% of the time :-). And best of all.. the torrents are always clean. I look forward to spending many more years with them too!
mellow wrote 23 months ago
Torrentday is not worth trying to get an invite for. There're lots of pretty good (and free) alternatives.
Fohns wrote 23 months ago
Are there a person then wanna send me a invite to the site, thats okay if eny of you don't wanna, but also just ask friendly :)
Lindsay wrote 22 months ago
How do I get movies to download? Everytime I try my VLC player just pops up and nothing's there?
allan wrote 22 months ago
Torrentday is the best!!iv been with them for a long time.....
but sorry to hear its not free any more!
Just SEEEED and you will never be kicked out! Peace :)
david wrote 21 months ago
could i have an invite please
Big Paddy wrote 21 months ago
I only like things free,full .
Abosayed wrote 21 months ago
ahmar khan wrote 19 months ago
umar khan hassam khan ali khan hasseb khan awais khan uzair khan hamad khan amar khan
stop the nsa wrote 19 months ago
the nsa is spying on you there are petitions on line
naruto kun wrote 18 months ago
No doubt its the best torrent site..been with it for the last 3 years when it was free...and i hv some invites too for my loyalty
But the last 3-4 days i m having problem goin to torrentday.. Is anyone having the same problem
The Best wrote 15 months ago
Hi torrent invite seeker,

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Jonjo wrote 14 months ago
Torrentday is now blocked in UK
jt wrote 14 months ago
i'm gutted that it's been blocked in the UK, how can we get around this minor issue!!!!! lol
louise wrote 13 months ago
cant believe virgin has blocked site in uk any one know how 2 around it love this site :-( xx
mike wrote 13 months ago
try torrentday.eu
yurmom1337 wrote 9 months ago
I have been active on YD since day one or close to it Joined nov.2009. I have used then for about 80 percent of newer torrents available within the last year or so, but if you are looking for older stuff they are not the best site. but that said for evryday stuff like current Tv shows and cam movier releases they are awesome, i wont ever quit. just watch yur ratio, or get a seedbox.
John wrote 6 weeks ago
I've been a member for over a year now great site. I've had to reformat my pc and now can't get back into torrentday. I've tried torrentday.eu, but just comes up sky has blocked this website. any ideas would be grateful thanks :)
lealea wrote 21 days ago
im in uk been a member for nearly 4 years im sure theres a way around the block as we have ad this problem time an time again ive had to change my search a few times to try to get in an had no probs but yet again the uk find a way to block if anyone knows plz help thanks
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